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John Ward, Director

Introduced to the printing industry at age 15 by his inspiring stepfather who was a printing director, John learnt in life that, to succeed, he had to create a path in life and follow it.

And so he did, winning the state-wide Apprentice of the Year award at age 19; turning the "mongrel territory" of a large national printer into a top revenue producer by age 25; starting his own print broking company a year later; becoming a Director of Quik Impressions soon after; and building the company from strength to strength over the years.

Today, John remains actively involved in the business' frontline, retaining personal knowledge of every client profile, and seeing to their printing needs at every stage of their business growth.  You can literally ask John anything about printing for business, and expect a helpful answer.  He demonstrates by example that, with Quik Impressions, you can expect responsive, resourceful, and results-focused service, and a valuable relationship with a printing partner that puts their clients first.

The Quik Impressions Team

The Quik Impressions team is a cohesive printing team comprising individuals with talent, experience, and complementary strengths in the printing trade.


Production Manager Phil, who is equally adept at sales and operations, ensures each client has a dedicated project manager to take care of their printing job from start to finish, to meet deadlines and budgets.


Preferring to remain anonymous (until you get pleasure to meet them), are:

- An administration and finance team who provide seamless after-sales support and takes care of all the details that add up to smooth operations and high customer satisfaction

- Our flexible design/desktop publishing teams talent is evident in every piece of work that passes through our artroom. From generation of computer to plate, prepress artwork, desktop publishing, design and concept. Tell our team what you require, get us to adapt existing artwork or brief us to come up with a creative solution from scratch. The art team is ready to answer any of your questions.


- An experienced team running the printing presses ensures consistent and accurate results from the best machines in their class.


- A meticulous team in the finishing section completes printing jobs in a wide variety of finishes in readiness for distribution to the marketplace.