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"I cannot say enough good things about Quik Impressions, their great customer service and their willingness to get things done on time and done the right way, all the time.

Before becoming a national provider to our Network, Quik Impressions was a West Australian-based company providing service to our distributors in that region only.

Quik Impressions started their national "partnership" with us back in August 2004 with a full colour brochure and with a circulation of approximately 30,000 copies per month to 76 distributors.

Quik Impressions has worked tirelessly over time with our newly-joining distributors, giving them support and guidance through their initial stages of brochure presentation. Some members of our group at times have not appreciated the fact that a company so far from the eastern seaboard was doing their printing!  To their credit, Quik Impressions just works even harder to get things right and to get the members set up to where they are today. These days, Quik Impressions does close to 40,000 brochures per month and service up to 85 Distributors.


The latest "project" undertaken by Quik Impressions is the delivery of master copies of the brochures from our distributors to us by 'Web-link', a project that we are looking forward to seeing developed.

The service and support provided by Quik Impressions has been magnificent over the past years. I have enjoyed the relationship and look forward to further years of this excellent "partnership" between us both.


Hector Leyton
Assistant Purchasing Manager


"The Quik impressions team have been an important supplier to our business for many years. We choose Quik Impressions because they exceed our expectation on a number of levels.

Quik Impressions have taken the initiative to understand our business and are proactive when it comes to maintaining our printed stationary orders. They provide advice on minimum reorder points which reduce costs associated with printed document storage, the logistics of having sufficient minimal quantities on hand where multiple sites are involved, and at the same time maximising economies of scale through the most efficient batch printing. 


Quik Impressions Art Department compliments our own and are always available to assist with design improvement and potential cost reduction ideas.  We have always found the team at Quik Impressions to be highly responsive to our needs and accommodate the urgent demands we frequently make of them as a result of our own competitive market place."


David Burnell

Admin / Finance Executive


"I cannot speak highly enough of John and his team at Quik Impressions. Our national group has undergone many changes over the past two years which in turn has affected our stationery requirements.


Quik Impressions have helped us through this period by providing continuing support and service to our group of companies across Australia.  

John and his team have proven to be reliable in all situations especially during times of unexpected high demand.


I consider them an asset to my supply chain"

Brenda Grundy
Senior Purchasing Officer - Headoffice



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