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Q: Can you help me save money, time, and effort?

A: Yes! Here are practical ways we can help you save:

1. Save on cost per item - We help you print large quantities of any print materials you need day to day to run your business. For example, we have printed 60,000 shoe wrappers for one client, 100,000 invoices for another, 500,000 order cards for a third, and helped them manage print distribution for better space and inventory control.

2. Save on storage of bulky printed materials - and your company's reputation - Space is a premium, especially if your office is in the central business district. If you need, say, only 6,000 copies of a document every month, we can print a year's worth so you can take full advantage of volume discounts, store the rest at our premises just five minutes from Perth city, and arrange for a batch to be sent to you monthly. This prevents "out of stock" situations for invoices or other priority forms that are essential to your business, and helps you monitor usage and stock levels.

3. Save by integrating orders - We can help you save up to 40% in costs by recommending, where feasible, group printing of different print jobs on the same paper stock. And, for example, when you want to reprint an item, our quality systems ensure that printed results are consistent to maintain your professional corporate brand.

4. Save the hassle of dealing with multiple suppliers - Unlike many printers, .we have a strong inhouse design team, and a network of industry-related partners, e.g., for corporate branding and copywriting. This saves you from having to co-ordinate everything yourself, and provides outstanding outcomes from the synergies of a cohesive team comprising companies that are strong in their own areas of expertise.

5. Save by minimising costly mistakes and undue stress - As your printing partner, we are constantly looking out for your best interests. If any printing issues are anticipated, we will proactively keep you updated and offer helpful solutions, so that you are empowered to make the best decisions.

Tell us what other ways you want to save and we are sure we can offer some useful suggestions.

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